Feed His Greed

Platform: Android
Engine: Unity 4
Development Language: Javascript
Team Size: 5
Team Role: Programmer, UI Programmer
Get it on Google Play

Feed His Green is a 2D collection based game in which the player needs to feed the character to the point where he is sick. The player who achieves this goal the fastest gets the best ranking.

This game was part of a two week long project during my second year of University in which our group was provided with a theme (the renaissance) and an input method (an accelerometer and a gyroscope). It was our groups intent prior to any development commencing that we wanted to publish the game, shortly after the two week period had ended, the game was available on Google Play.

I was in charge of programming the scoring system in relation to how the score bar increased as the score went up and stopping the game once the score bar had been filled.

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